Does it sometimes feel like your brain is in overdrive and you can’t stop thinking?! Do you experience unexplainable physical symptoms? Do you avoid activities or behave in certain ways to try to reduce your anxiety? You are not alone!


You may think that something is wrong with you physically but worry, anxiety and panic can cause many physical symptoms.* A few common ones are:

• Heart racing

• Butterflies in stomach

• Hyperventilation

• Headaches

• Insomnia

• And many, many more


(*It is always important to get any ongoing physical symptoms checked by your GP.)


Anxiety and panic is driven by negative and unrealistic thoughts in your head. Here are some common thoughts:




• What if something bad happens?

• I will make a fool of myself

• I must get it right or perfect

• If I do this particular activity or ritual, everything will be ok

• If I avoid certain situations, I won’t mess up or come to any harm

• I can’t cope

• I’m not good enough


Do you behave in certain ways because of all these thoughts in your head? Has your life become limited because of this? For example:


• Not going out with your friends because you might say or do the wrong thing or have panic symptoms

• Working or revising excessively because you’re so worried about failing or disappointing someone

• Doing certain rituals like washing hands or checking lights because you think this might stop bad things happening

• Not sleeping because you constantly have worries on your mind


If any of the above thoughts, feelings or behaviours sound alarmingly familiar and you want to make some changes, good for you! You deserve it. The good news is that there are well-researched and effective methods of Counselling and CBT for treating anxiety, panic and worry.




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